Yesterday I went for a long walk.  I strolled through the streets of Ringkobing for over an hour before heading back to my hotel room.  On my way back I began to wonder, what is the difference between walking and hiking?  The obvious one to consider is that hiking is generally done off the pavement, which not only makes it scenic but more rugged and thus more difficult.  It has been snowing lately and the roads are quite rugged, slippery and well difficult to walk on.  Oh and the scenery is fantastic.  So was I hiking?

Another difference between hiking and walking is that generally when you walk you don’t have to go someplace to do it.  You start out at your front door and go for a walk.  Hiking on the other hand usually involves driving to wherever you go to hike.  Unless your favorite hiking place is within walking distance, then you walk there.  But how do you know when you start hiking and stop walking?

So on my way back from town I decided that I was hiking.  I also decided that once I get to the hotel my hike was over and my walk would begin.  Right at the entryway of the hotel, I could feel the transition.  I stomped the ice and snow from my shoes and entered the lobby.  It would be silly to say that I hiked back to my room, but hiking back to the hotel doesn’t sound quite so strange.

I walked back to my room through the hotel and then up a flight of stairs.  People don’t walk up stairs.  So I transitioned back to hiking, just for a  few minutes.

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