Mouth Pixels

I spent most the day goofing off in my room today.  I did go for a long walk through the shopping district of Ringkobing looking for likely spots to pick up some Christmas presents for family back home.  Mostly I have been watching the BBC.

It appears to be a motor head marathon going on today.  Top Gear is always a favorite.  Then there was some program where a guy in Britton buys historic cars, fixes them up and flips them for a profit.  Also there was an American show about fixing up a classic Junker; two teams would do the work in some kind of competition.  Most of the time they would argue with each other, the show was more about conflict than car restoration.

One thing all these shows had in common, beside cars, was how they treated foul language.  It wasn’t enough to bleep out the cuss words; they producers also had to pixilate the offender’s mouth.

I have always wondered about this.

I have to assume that there is some sort of process during the editing of the show where someone has a list of words that cannot be used and goes through each frame one by one and measures out the exact right amount of bleep time and how long a mouth must be covered by blurring or pixilating.   But that bring up a question in my mind.  The person must be held accountable somehow.  For instance, what good it a stop sign if no one is there to enforce the law.

So I assume there must be a person who reviews the end product and looks for the occasional slip.  Who watches out for the errant “fuck” that slips through the bleep?  Is “-uck’ ok or does the entire word have to be removed?  Who does this person work for?  Is it the government or the cable company?  Somone must work for the government to enforce this eventually, but maybe they just respond to coplaints.

But what about the pixilated mouth, how can the producers risk someone accidentally seeing an obscene mouth? I have to assume that they also have on staff a lip reader who carefully monitors cursing that is covered by the bleep but is missed by the pixilators.  Is pixilators even a word for the occupation of pixilating?

I find this entire line of thought interesting.  It is not the kind of occupation that one would pursue actively.  I doubt that there are courses in college to take on censorship.


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