Hotel comfort

This was the first time I have ever changed hotels due to being too uncomfortable. The room was very clean, warm and large enough, the bed was comfortable, and the internet worked just fine.  So why was I uncomfortable?  Let’s start with my needs, which are very basic.

I need to have a room that I can easily get in and out of. It has to be relatively comfortable. I will never find a hotel with a bed as nice as mine at home, so I won’t complain about the bed.  I need a hotel that offers breakfast and coffee within walking distance.  I also feel the need for some privacy and quiet.  That’s about it, just some basic needs.

When I arrived in Videbæk I originally had reservations at a local hotel close to work, but was told by my colleagues when I arrived that the hotel was way too small and they suggested that I stay in Herning, they suggested a specific hotel.  I made the mistake of making reservations for the night without checking out the place first.


I checked into the hotel and immediately had reservations (pardon the pun).  The desk was just one end of what looked like an Olympic size exercise and fitness center.  The lady at the counter handed me the card for my room and a code for the parking garage.  I didn’t see a parking garage.  So first thing to do was move my car, I drove around the entire block, twice.  Eventually I found the parking garage entrance; it was a block from the hotel.  I drove down two floors below the street and was confronted with a closed gate and a keypad.  After entering my pass code the door opened and down I went to another level.  After parking my car I dragged my luggage over to the elevator, up three floors and ended up in front of the hotel.  Once in the lobby I had to tow my luggage past running machines, a climbing wall and yoga rooms to the right, and a massive complex of swimming pools and hot tubs on the left.  This place was huge; there were two stories of glass walls and sweaty people working out everywhere, after walking about a hundred yards through this I ended up at a set of stairs going up to the next level.  Then about fifty yards down another corridor to an elevator.  That took me to the sixth floor where I went another fifty yards to my room.  I imagine that if a person who is entirely obsessed with fitness wanted to design an exercise based resort this would be it.  There wasn’t an entrance to the hotel without going through the exercise arena.  Then it hit me, this was fitness Vegas.  And like in Vegas you couldn’t get to or from your room without going through the casino.  My room was fine, but cold and impersonal.  The window wouldn’t open and the entire room smelled like a locker room with too much deodorant used to cover the smell of sweat.  I set up my computer and imagined commuting to work each day.  I began to feel trapped.  The combination of over the top fitness and a long journey to get out of the building to my car, made me uncomfortable.

I have nothing against working out, but I believe that exercise is like religion.  You can do what you want, but don’t make me watch it.  So I contacted Eden back at home and asked her to look into options for me.  She suggested the hotel Fjordgården in Ringkobing, I stayed there for one week in 2009 and should have thought of that before.  I just wasn’t sure of the geography, but it turns out that Herning is the same distance to Videbæk as Ringkobing.  The hotel Fjordgården is much better.  In fact I think it is the perfect hotel.


I can park near my room without going through the lobby, let alone hundreds of sweaty people.  The room has a balcony and best of all; it has coffee available in the room.  It does have a pool and a work out facility but it is tastefully located and private.

I think that I can be comfortable here for the next two weeks.


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