Surreal daily drive.



I left the Hotel after breakfast this morning to drive to work.   My rental has two features that I find invaluable, heated seats and a GPS.  I would be lost without either of them; however, they both have their drawbacks.

The heated seats are great when you first get started in the morning.  It has been bitterly cold in the mornings, so I am grateful.  After a few miles the temperature difference between my ass and my head becomes uncomfortable so I turn it off.  Then a few miles later I have to turn it back on.  This feels like a camp fire on a cold winter’s night.  At first it feels great, then your ass is burning and you have to turn towards the fire.  Heated seats feel like that, but you can’t turn around.  Ah, heated seats and camp fires, I just love them both.  They both warm you up, and they both could use a thermostat.

My GPS is a bit of a mixed blessing as well.  The young lady at the rental car agency let me rent one that was already set up in English.  Problem is that it was set to full English, never go full English.  The voice is a perky sounding British lady, which I find distracting in a good way.  But all the measurements are also in English.  So here I am driving a car with a metric speedometer on roads with metric signs for speed limits, and the GPS is using all English measurements.  You would think that this wouldn’t matter much, but I find it a bit confusing.  I don’t normally need to do any conversion, I just know how fast I am going, or how far something is away.  But being told by different measurements seems odd.  It’s like if someone told you that your drive way is three meters six inches long.

Also the GPS is a bit old and there is a lot of road work going on in Aarhus.  The signs are telling me that the speed limit is 90 but my GPS says the speed limit is 55, and I am doing 60.  Then the voice from the GPS tells me that I have a right turn coming up in 400 yards.  The map in the brain of the GPS thinks that I am not on the road, so it tells me in 100 yards turn right, then left, then left to get back to where I am.  Then it finds me again and doesn’t apologize for almost sending on a wild goose chase.

But honestly I would be lost if it wasn’t for my GPS.  I am also grateful that it doesn’t try to pronounce the street names.  My last trip to Denmark had a GPS that spoke English but was set to the metric system; which is good, but it also pronounced each street name.

Head northwest on Rytoften,  Turn right onto Åby Ringvej,  Turn right onto Viborgvej ; Turn right onto Vestre Ringgade;  Turn right onto Stadion All;  Turn left onto Marselis Blvd; Turn right onto Østhavnsvej ;  Turn left onto Oliehavnsvej;  Arrive at destination.

I don’t blame the Danish language, only my ignorance can explain how I cannot see any connection between spelling and pronunciation.  I am sure this will eventually pass with time.  Which I am also sure I do not have enough of on this trip.


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