Crap pie contest


It looks like it is time once again for me to decide if I wish to “throw away” my vote for President.  You see I am a registered Libertarian and most people believe that if I vote for Governor Johnson I will be throwing away my vote.  Democrats will say that a vote for Governor Johnson is the same as a vote for Governor Romney; Republicans will say it is the same thing as voting for President Obama.  I don’t see it that way, here is why.

Imagine you are at an office party and three pies were presented to your team.  You are told that you will all eat the pie that the majority of you choose by secret ballot.  Each pie has the ingredients listed on the ballot.

Pie #1 is apple pie with the addition of three table spoons of bullshit.  But it is beautifully made with lots of whip cream and red, white, and blue candy sprinkles.

Pie #2 is a cherry pie with the addition of three table spoons of chicken shit. But it is also beautiful and has red white and blue frosting in the shape of an American flag.

Pie #3 is a Rhubarb pie and not really well made.  In fact is looks like it was made in a high school cooking class by freshmen football players.  No whip cream, no candy sprinkles, no frosting.

The majority of the office votes for Pie #1 or #2 because they look so nice and they are willing to put up with eating a little shit.

How is it wasting my vote to choose Pie #3?

Oh, and I am not a big fan of Rhubarb pie, I just don’t want to eat any more shit.



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