Longest road

I am sure everyone has their longest road that they travel.  Mine is the stretch between Wendover Nv and Salt Lake Utah.  This last trip I was fortunate enough that I actually slept my way across the flat nothing.  For those unfamiliar with this stretch of road it is over a hundred miles of absolutely nothing.  Not only that, but it is dead straight and there are exactly zero rest stops.  The ground is white and ugly, the water, if it exists, is poison.  There isn’t even any critters, nothing as wholesome as a rat or buzzard exists on the salt.

Here is what the very beginning of our journey.

80 going east



And here is what it looks like after an hour of driving at 80 miles per hour.

Ugly, but better





Have you ever driven this route?

Sure, there are longer straight roads in the US.  For example I70 through Kansas. But I am not sure that there is an uglier piece of road in the US.



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