Nevada Rest stops

In the last post I explored the good, now it is time to take a look at the bad and the ugly.  For some reason these rest stops were primarily found in Nevada.  The only exception to this was Wendover Utah.  I guess it was close enough to the border of Nevada to be effected by proximity.

I have had experiences with shoddy and ill kept restrooms.  Due to my military experiences I have had lots of exposure to restrooms and other facilities that while well kept up and clean fell short of promoting a restful theme.  Many prisons share this seemingly incongruent fact that a restroom can be spotless while still being uncomfortable.

The rest stops in Nevada managed to accomplish both questionable sanitary conditions and a sense of purpose behind their design. Its like the designers meant to make their rest areas repugnant to travelers.  Or they simply felt that the alternative to not having any rest area was so terrible that the standards could be set so low that no one would complain.  They remind me of planers that try to make park benches so uncomfortable that bums would not use them to sleep on.

The restrooms themselves were a nightmare of stainless steel and cinderblocks.  It reminded me of a post apocalyptic outdoor prison restroom.  The kind where the prisoners are not locked up, because  escape would be suicide due to the heat and distance to water.  The water fountains did not work.  The bathroom sinks had those irritating button operated valves where you had to wash one hand at a time because the other hand is always busy holding the button down.

The best Nevada rest area. Not saying much.

I placed a photo of the restroom here.  If your a neat freak do not open the photo.

Nevada toilet

Notice the can of Keystone..  Classy.

Well enough of my distaste for Nevada rest areas.  I am glad to be home and hope to keep the next road trip with in the state of Colorado.


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