Rest Stop review Pt 1. The best.

We took a different route that we usually take to California.  This time we decided to bypass Wyoming and take I70 through Colorado, then join up with  highway 6 then 15 through Utah and meet up with 80 in Salt Lake City.  Yes it did take longer, but the scenery was different and best of all we found two really outstanding Rest Stops that we have never visited before.

In Colorado on I70 we came across a lovely little oasis of a rest stop.  It lies right along the Colorado river, in Rifle Colorado right between Parachute and Silt.

I highly recommend a visit, it has numerous hiking trails, sandy beaches, and a nice tidy restroom facility.   I give it a 8 out of 10.

For some reason this section of I70 is posted as the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway.  I looked this up and there are many many Pearl Harbor Memorial Highways all over the US.  I really don’t understand designating a highway as a memorial anything, it is a strip of asphalt.  Who am I to complain, we have a memorial ditch here in Windsor.   No kidding.

Generally we stop for a rest every 100 miles.  This goes a long way to battling drivers fatigue. Every other stop or so we fill up on gas.  This is not really necessary as our car gets around 450 miles to a tank of fuel, but with the distances between gas stations in Nevada we found it prudent to keep the tank full.  So we generally stop at a rest stop every 200 miles or so.

The next stop turned out to be another treat, this time in Utah.  This stop lies on US 6 just before mile post 202.  We were once again surprised at the quality and neatness of the rest area.  This rest stop was not only neat and clean, but also had a small rail road theme with interesting information.  This one is also gets a 8 out of 10, mostly due to the  buildings rather than the view.  It is after all Southern Utah.

We managed to blow through Nevada without hitting a single rest stop.  I really wanted to, but it wasn’t going to happen.  After we left Utah we stopped in Wendover Nevada to spend the night.  The next day we started out early and stopped at major towns like Elko, and Reno.  We did manage to hit a rest area in Nevada on the way home, but that is for the other review.  This one is for highlighting the best rest stops.

In California near Truckee at Donner Summit is a fine rest area that was a step below the one in Utah, but about equal to Colorado.  It had pretty standard fare as far as the restrooms were concerned, but the location was beautiful.  Pine trees, a small lake, hiking trails, all nicely done and landscaped to blend into the surroundings.

Stairs to nowhere

Typical for California, there was a outdoor stair case that lead to nowhere.  My lovely wife and I discussed this at length and decided that the stairs were blocked due to the litigious nature of Californians.  After all if there is a stairway that goes down to the shore of a lake someone may drown and sue the state for wrongful death, or some ADA lawyer would sue because there isn’t a ramp down to the lake shore.  So they just blocked it off.

I give this rest area a 9 out of 10 due to the beautiful surroundings.  The restroom was just so-so, but location makes up for a lot.  And the bathrooms actually had porcelain fixtures. Nevada, take note.

Next up…..

The bad rest stops.


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