Road trip.


It looks like my rover bot and I are going on a road trip to California.


Serial.println(“California here we come, right back where we started from….”);


Later this week we will be heading to Folsom, California for a week or so to help out my parents.  Road trips are usually tedious and boring, however if you pay attention a person can find entertainment anywhere.


Even at rest stops.


Usually I find that a road trip through a particular state can be judged by the quality of the rest stops. We try to enjoy, or at least experience every rest stop we run across.  This is partially due to curiosity, and also due to the amount of coffee I drink on road trips.  When I speak of rest stops, I am not talking about truck stops or gas stations.  I mean the ones that are identified with a sign saying “Next rest stop 100 miles”


Of course my rover bot will not need to stop at all during this trip, lucky bastard.


I plan on posting a state by state review on rest stops on our way to California and posting the results here.  If you plan on driving down I80 from Colorado to California this will be a must read.


I will rank (pardon the pun) each rest area on a scale of 1 to 10.  This scale will be apples to apples comparison, rest stop to rest stop.  1 being the most uncomfortable facility imaginable and still be classified as an enclosed privy, and a 10 being closest thing to going at home.  From previous experience Nevada will have little competition for the lowest score, and Wyoming will probably top the list of clean and welcome palaces of porcelain.


Where does Utah rank on the list of nice rest areas?  I am not sure.  Most of the time, the only stop we make in Utah is at the Wal-Mart in Park City.  Then we usually stop at the edge of the Salt Flats and eat at Jack in the Box.  I don’t think we ever stopped at a rest area in Utah.  In the interest of accurate reporting I just may have to make an exception.


Oh, and I will include photos.



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