Surprise Super Homer

“I believe I can see the future

Because I repeat the same routine

I think I used to have a purpose

Then again, that might have been a dream”

~9 inch nails.


I like most people have some expectations about coming home from work.  I expect that the house will look the same as it did when I left that morning.  It is not like I am looking for deviations, or inspecting the house upon my return.  This is just the way our minds seem to work.  I didn’t always have this expectation, just since the kids have moved out.  For the last few years the house has always looked the same as when I left it in the morning.  This is kind of comforting, and reassuring.  I found out yesterday that it is easy to be lulled into a sense of security.  I also found out the true meaning of double take.


As I went through my normal routine upon returning home from work, I actually did a double take when I walked past our bedroom.  For some reason the image I saw just didn’t seem to register in my mind for a moment.


Here is what I saw:


Double take


Yes, it is a giant Homer Simpson super hero in my bed.  Worse it’s on my side of the bed, neatly tucked in under a blanket. Our cat Ursula doesn’t seem to mind, in fact she gives me a ‘wtf are you looking’ at look.  It has taken Ursula 15 years to master that look.


Then I remembered that my wife left some mail out for my son to pick up.  He was going to come by and pick up his mail this morning.  I guess he felt like leaving us a little gift.


The story goes that he won the giant Super Homer at a fair in Greeley and didn’t know what to do with it.  Now we are stuck with it.
Fair warning:  We have room to save things for a very long time…  Re-gifting is always an option.



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