Rover Brain

I made good progress on my rover bot this weekend.  I installed the two infrared sensors, and more importantly the little bot now has brains.  The brain is empty, but still it is a milestone.  Also the second layer of foundation is now installed.  Wire management looks to be a challenge, but with the addition of a proto shield on the Arduino it should simplify connections.  The motor shield will go on last.



Before I can make all the wire connections I have to write down where each wire will be connected.  Then I can assign the I/O and the brain will know where each sensor, light, button, motor is connected.


Here is the IO table. I don’t have much room left to expand, but that’s ok.

Input output listing
Digital I/O
I/O location Name Type Notes
D2 Button in Input High / Low  Momentary push button
D3 PWM_A Output Analog Output 0 – 1028  Left motor speed control
D4 SwLedB Output High / Low  blue led under momentary button
D5 Rled Output High / Low  Tri color LED output
D6 Gled Output High / Low   Tri color LED output
D7 Bled Output High / Low   Tri color LED output
D8 Lbump Input High / Low  Switch input from left bumper
D9 Rbump Input High / Low  Switch input from right bumper
D10 RearBump Input High / Low  Switch input from rear bumper
D11 PWM_B Output Analog output 0 – 1028 Right motor speed control
D12 direction_A Output High / Low  Left motor direction control
D13 direction_B Output High / Low  Right motor direction control
Analog I/O
A3 iRright Input 2-20ma  right Infared range finder
A4 iRleft Input 2-20ma  left infared range finder
A5 uSrf Input 2-20ma  front ultrasonic range finder


Ultra Sonic and wire management.


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