Rover foundation.


Last night I completed the aluminium structural parts for my rover-bot.  This was more difficult and tedious than I thought.  I didn’t want to drill any holes after the parts are installed, so I had to do some careful planning.  I started with some sketches on graph paper, then some cad like drawings on my I-pad.


Bot foundation

The aluminium was purchased at Ace Hardware. They have some really nice sheets of different thicknesses, but they are all 4” x 10”.  I chose to use a slightly thicker sheet than my last rover at .063” thick.  I used a nibbling tool from Rat Shack to cut the slots.  The two plates will be stacked with a spacer to allow mounting of sensors.


The bottom plate is slotted for wheels and all the holes are drilled for mounting of the Arduino, motors, ball caster, and bumper switches.  The upper plate is slotted to allow the shields to snap down on to the Arduino and a slot for the battery. There are also four holes that have to matchup perfectly between plates.


The nibbling tool is great for making tiny aluminium confetti that seems to get everywhere.  They stick to socks like glue, and seem to migrate all over the house.


The next step is to mount the motors, PC standoffs, switches, ball caster, and standoffs for the upper plate.  I expect to get a lot done this weekend.



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