City Council observations 2


Part 2, Let the circus begin.


The groups were intermixed so each speech was not only chopped up by switching people every two minutes, but the groups were mixed in line so every so often a completely different topic was presented.  This is like listing to four different talk radio stations while someone randomly switches stations.  At least the large groups were entertaining, at first.  After a while it became predictable and tedious.  After about an hour of this I started to feel a profound sense of relief when the beeping started and the light turned to red.


The first group was an association of family and friends who wanted the city council to investigate a child custody battle, or in their words, “An epidemic of state sponsored child abductions for no other purpose than to increase profit and power of the court system and for retribution against the mother exercising her first amendment rights, and because the police are mean.”  Approximately twenty to twenty five people spoke to this issue for two minutes each.  They were really passionate about how they feel and wanted the city council to do something about this hideous injustice.  The details were a little sketchy, but the emotional content was very high.


Scattered among the first group of people was a group who wished to spread the word that a constitutional amendment must be put in place to prevent Corporations from being considered persons.  Apparently corporations are using their vast wealth to influence politicians thus controlling who gets elected.  Eventually only corporate interests will be represented everything will go to hell due to sacrificing common sense, environmental concern, jobs, and the American way, in favour of chasing the all mighty dollar. Their group wanted the City Council to change or amend their constitution, or charter, or whatever to reflect their views. There were about fifteen of these people.  It felt like a occupy city council meeting.


Oh, and there were other people there to complain about downtown brewery party goers creating problems for people who live in historic neighbourhoods (by peeing in public and generally being jerks),  people wanting term limits on city councilpersons, and another group wanted to put an end to high density housing near the college that is also completely unregulated.  These were the only people who seemed to have a coherent case to present.

Next: The clowns in charge….



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