Pirate’s Booty


Sometimes I buy products simply because I like the looks of label.  I know impulse buying at its worse.  I was in the potato chip isle (yes there is an section in the supermarket reserved for junk food) and I ran across a bag of puffed rice named, Pirate’s Booty.  With a name like Pirate’s Booty it has to be good.


Cheesy Goodness

There’s also an endless amount of fun associated with amusing product names.  The natural thing to do is shorten names of products during any description.  You don’t say “honey, can you please pick me up some beef, kosher, hot dogs at the store?” No, you say “Honey can you buy some Nathans when you go shopping?” 

“Honey, can you pick me up some booty at the grocery store?”


I tried to open the bag and it ripped open too far, spilled some on the floor.  The cats love it when that happens, not only is it something to play with, but they like the taste.  “Honey, the bottom ripped open and got booty all over the kitchen floor.  Phoebe, stop licking my booty!”


I went to the internet to get a photo of a bag of Pirate’s Booty to place in this post, and found a Wikipedia entry.  Apparently there was an incident at the Booty factory involving salmonella contamination and a recall.  I guess the FDA pillaged their booty, but they are in compliance now.  Besides it was the not the manly Pirate’s Bootie product, but its more politically correct and colourful Veggie Booty.  I am sure this product is quite popular in Boulder, Portland, and Berkeley.


I recommend Pirate’s Booty to anyone who likes puffed rice snacks with a hint of cheesy goodness.  In addition to being tasty they also provide hours of booty related jokes.  I just can’t think of anything fun to say about Veggie Bootie

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