Inadvertently inappropriate


So a few weeks ago my lovely wife and I went to Safeway to rent a rug cleaner.  Rug Doctor has two models to choose from, regular and wide track.  We had some serious cleaning to do and decided that we wanted the wide track, maybe it would cut down on the time it takes to get our carpets clean.


We told the nice lady behind the counter that we wished to rent the wide track Rug Doctor with the  and the accessory kit, also the large container of cleaner with the pet control feature.  I assume that pet control is related to cleaning pet stains, rather than controlling pets.

She obviously wished to be helpful and informed us that the wide track is more expensive to rent than the regular.  She said “Are you aware that you’re paying an extra $7.99 for only one inch” I replied without thinking that I believe that an extra inch was certainly worth only $7.99.  She smiled and turned a little red, then replied, “I guess it would be worth it after all”

Twenty years ago my lovely wife would have turned red with embarrassment, but not any longer. On the way out the door with the Rug Doctor in tow my lovely wife just said that I am getting more and more like my father.


At first I thought that this would be taken either way, a complement or an insult.  Since then I have decided that it was a complement.


Have you ever said anything by accident that turned out to be exactly what you wished you could say, but knew you shouldn’t.  Then somehow since it was an accident it turned out ok?

There should be a word for this.


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