Half and half

Last week I gave a class at work, the subject was troubleshooting strategies. There are a number of methods of finding an electrical or mechanical problem. From my experience most people are poor troubleshooters. They use familiar methods including poking and hoping, replacing parts until things magically work, and upgrading. I teach the method called halfing, I know it isn’t really a word, but it works remarkably well. In a nutshell it is simply taking the problem into two parts, half works, the other half doesn’t. Then half again, keep going until you find the real problem.

I bet about half of all good technicians use this technique.

This made me think about all the other half and half propositions.

The vast majority of people believe that they are better than average drivers. I would think that nearly half the drivers are better than average. Which, for some reason, is comforting to me.

Americans seem to be half and half on a lot of political issues. Abortion, gay marriage, and which party to vote against are just some examples. I find that I disagree with half of The Democratic party, and the same with the Republicans. I guess that is why I am Libertarian, I want the best of both.

I like milk with my dinner. Not just any milk, I like half chocolate with half 2% milk mixed together. Half the time I pour in the chocolate milk into a glass until it is half full, then add 2% milk. Half the time it’s the other way around. For some reason the distinction is important to me. I think it has something to do with control. I also put the milk into the freezer until it is half frozen.

The question is, does this makes me half crazy. Or above or below average?

What do you think about halfing?


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