Pigs in Space!

Ok, Rovio has really outdone themselves. I thought that Angry Birds was great, then Angry Birds Rio came out.  Then last week when I plopped down a cool dollar and bought Angry Birds Space.  OMFG what a great game.  Being a science fiction fan I was simply thrilled when the latest Angry Bird game came out, but it is much more fun than I imagined.  The gravity effects are awesome, and with some thought you can get some really interesting pig killing disasters going.  I especially like the little touch of popping the pig protective bubble and watching them turn blue before exploding.  Nice touch.

I guess I was not alone, in the first three days of its release it sold 30 million copies.  Think about that for a second.  At .99c a game that is an ass load of money.  This is almost Hollywood opening weekend dollars, but without any actors to pay.  I really hope that the developers of the game took home the lion’s share of the profits.  I love the idea that someone can become rich making a silly video game.


Now if only Stupid Zombies would follow suit.  Zombies in Space!  I know, Ash already has a Laser gun in the upper levels, but I am talking about getting the zombies out of the grave yard.  Let’s shoot some space zombies.  What I am thinking of is a cross between two video games.  Back in the late 80s there was a terrific arcade game called Major Havoc.  He just ran and ducked around a maze in a space suit until he triggered the self-destruct, but imagine a maze game, in space, with zombies, and Ash with a laser shotgun.


Or better yet, let’s work together and get Ash to battle the angry birds.  I would love to see an app where you could link two ipads via Bluetooth or Wifi.  One person would fling birds at ash, the other person would be shooting them out of the air with a shotgun.

Here is what I think it would look like. The only down side would be a lack of pigs.

Hmmm, zombie pigs?



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