Sheldon moment

My wife and I went shopping the other night, and at the check stand the clerk asked the obiltitory question:

“Did you find everything ok?”


Normally I take this as a corporate dictated friendly greeting.  “Did you find everything ok?” = “Hello”


Last night was different, last night I had a Sheldon moment.

If you don’t understand the reference, look up Big Bang theory on Wikipedia.  When the clerk asked the question I was totally flummoxed.  My mind raced to get a handle on the question.


Are you asking if I had troubles finding your products?  If I did then I must have given up in total defeat. I am here to pay for what’s in my cart, which obviously I found otherwise it wouldn’t be in my cart.


Are you asking me about the condition of the items in your store?  Isn’t a bit too late to be asking me?  If I didn’t find your store items in OK condition I wouldn’t have put them into the cart, and certainly wouldn’t pay for them.


That is a rather sweeping statement.  What is included in everything?  No, I didn’t find everything ok; first I wasn’t looking for everything, second if you somehow had everything I would still be looking for it rather than paying you for what I did find.  Also, this store would be too small to hold everything.


Ok? I would expect higher standards than just ok.  I want to find everything outstanding.  Maybe I should shop somewhere else.


So belatedly I gave the only answer that served the purpose of the question.  “Yes”


This is the best answer, whether it is true or not.  My goal when in line at the grocery store is to pay for what I bought and get out.  Any answer besides “Yes” will create more conversation.  More conversation delays the main goal, namely getting the hell out of the store.


My Sheldon moment only lasted a few moments, but it seemed much longer.

Has this ever happened to you?



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One thought on “Sheldon moment

  1. S. Le says:

    I am an English language nazi. I Sheldon all the time! It’s in my nature.

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