Rush, NPR, and Htrae.

I generally do not listen to the Rush Limbaugh show any longer.  However, back in the early 90s I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh quite a bit while working construction.  Back then there were generally three types of programs playing at construction sites, AM talk-radio, classic rock and Mexican tuba music.  I know that sounds racist, but tuba music is the best description I can come up with.  Anyway, I tired of Rush and as soon as I started to be able to predict his every comment. I bailed and never went back.  Entertainers lose their value once they become predictable.  Besides it got real boring once Clinton left office.


I was watching the news the other night and found that there was a big to do about Rush calling some woman a slut.  Why this was news is beyond me.  Rush has called people worse, hell even the president of the United States isn’t immune to Rush’s verbal attacks.  Rush is an entertainer, and like all entertainers he occasionally crosses the line of what is tasteful.  Which is fine with me, we have free speech and all of that, what’s the big deal?  Anyway, I heard that a lot of his advertisers have bailed, probably in the hope of distancing themselves until the storm subsides. Rush should applaud this as a demonstration of free market principals.


Yesterday I drove home early to go to a doctor’s appointment and I turned on the radio for a little distraction.  Usually I listen to NPR or Rush (The Canadian band), but this time I tried AM radio for a change.  Besides, NPR was playing some (world) music which I despise.


There were two stations playing the Rush Limbaugh show.  I only got to listen to Rush for a few seconds before he got to a commercial break.  What I found interesting is that the vast majority of commercials were for government services or government supported organizations.  Most messages were sponsored by the Add Council.  One was on how to contact social security over the internet; another was about obesity, and a third about how Medicaid will help you purchase a motorized chair.  Soon I became bored and put in a Rush CD (the Canadian band) and drove on.


I doubt Rush Limbaugh is concerned with loosing endorsements; it seems that most are government sponsored commercials anyway. In fact when I drove back from the doctor’s office I gave NPR another try, sure enough they too had commercials, but they are disguised as giving credit to organizations who have donated money to public radio.  The majority were from for profit corporations.


Sometimes I feel like I am living in Bizarro world.

Welcome to Htrae, listen to my radio.



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