Work life balance

These three little words are being used quite a bit at work lately.  This is probably due to financial pressures that create a stressful condition.  It works like this:  People get laid off, purse strings are tightened, and more work is put on less people.  On the other hand, the workers feel that more attention is paid to their productivity and due to the fear of further layoffs they work harder and do not complain when additional duties are levied upon them.  The balance between work and life outside of work becomes out of balance.

What is the proper balance? Is 50/50 good?  Mathematically this would be considered balance.

So I thought I would the math….

During a normal work week I calculated that I have 3.9 hours of “Free” time each day.  I figured this out by starting with 24 hours in the day and subtracting work, sleep, and commute time.  At first glance this appears to be completely out of balance; luckily we have the weekends.  I don’t count sleeping as “Free” time, so the weekend is really made up of 32 hours.

So if we add in the 32 hours of free time during a normal weekend with the 3.9 hours a day we end up with about 51.5 hours of free time each week.  A week consists of 168 hours, but I will subtract out the sleep time and get 112 hours a week as a base.  This works out to a work life balance of 54% work and 46% “life”.

I figure that I must have a pretty good work life balance if I can keep this close to 50/50 and still work 10 hour days with an hour and a half commute.

This is, of course, is figuring on a weekly basis.  Any holiday, vacation, or sick leave works the math in your favor.

How’s your work life balance?


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