Brazil 3 “The voyage home”


My work was done Friday afternoon and my flight didn’t leave until Saturday evening.  I had some time to kill, so I went for a walk taking photos.  One of the first things I noticed while waiting for my flight in Sao Palo was how many VW busses there were in Brazil.

I just love the VW buss, not the newer ones, but the vintage 70s VWs, the real hippy wagons.  Well apparently when everyone else stopped making these classic vehicles the Brazilians just kept pumping them out.  I have to assume that they are relatively new, because with the humidity and salty air I would expect that any vehicle that was older than ten years would be a pile of rust.  Here are a few photos of buses I shot while walking around.

I would love to drive a nice new Bus back from Brazil….  What an adventure that would be…

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One thought on “Brazil 3 “The voyage home”

  1. Diana (AKA Mom) says:

    So if you were to drive a VW Bus home from Brazil and it was old and in ill repair and the fuel line broke, McGyver Netherton could use his ball point pen to save the day………ah I do love the memories.

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