Brazil 1

I finally made it to Brazil.  Sometimes travel is a bit of a shock to the system.  There is culture shock, weather shock, and sometimes a little of both.  This particular trip has been a lot of both.

I spent two weeks in Portland Oregon, where the wind worked with the wet weather to keep me cold all the time.  It reminded me of England, the apparent temperature didn’t seem to match up with the felt temperature.

I was lucky enough to make it home to spend one Saturday with my lovely wife.  We did some running around and shopping.  It snowed the whole day, but somehow it felt warmer than Portland.  Then Sunday I got on a plane bound for Fortaleza Brazil.  For some reason travel is never as easy as it seems it should be.   I left at 9am on Sunday to get to the airport in Denver for a noon flight.  I arrived in my hotel at 4pm on Monday.  Ouch.  Now that it is almost 9pm I find myself with a surge of energy.

Anyway, I won’t get too much into my first impressions of Brazil.  I will leave that for another entry.  One thing I have to comment on is that I am staying on the beach.  Right on the beach, well a stone’s throw away anyway.  The street that separates my hotel from the beach is alive at night, alive in a way that the Las Vegas strip is alive, but without any constraints of any kind. Combine that with endless construction and nowhere to park cars; it makes for an entertaining view.

Here is my view from my hotel window facing east.



Here is my view from the same window facing south.


FL B South

More to come…


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2 thoughts on “Brazil 1

  1. S. Le says:

    Nice pics! Ever seen the film “Brazil?” Very steam punk! (watch the uncut version that Hollywood didn’t edit the crap out of)

  2. I love the film Brazil. I own the uncut version on DVD! It sits right next to my directors cut of Blade Runner. This Brazil is nothing like the film, but kind of like Blade Runner once the sun sets.


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