Polling for a name

So I have decided to re-name my blog, Sky fishing just isn’t cutting it any more.  My rocketry days are numbered, and I have sold off most of my motors and rocket related goodies.  I will still hold on to a few rockets for nostalgia purposes and plan on flying one each year or so.  Most notably the rockets that my wife and I built together, namely: “Thing one – Thing two”, “Double Trouble”, and the match pair “Black/White” and “White/Black” which were inspired by the Star Trek Episode #14 “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”  I know, what a geek.

Now that I have made the decision to re-name my blog the hard part begins.  What to name it?

Ross, from Planet Ross has made a few suggestions.

– Wind Winder (the winder as in winding a yo-yo)

– Hippie Prairiemobilia

– Fire-arms, Walking-legs and Windy-thoughts

– Colorado’s and don’ts

– Prairie Profounderer

– Breezy Thoughts

– Is there a draft in here?

– Zombees in my Bonnet … or hat

Archvillain came up with -FUBAR labs.  I like the name, but has been taken by a number of other websites, I don’t intend to add to that list.   Sorry, keep trying.

I would like to ask one more time for suggestions, and then I will post a poll to see which is preferred by people who actually read my blog.  No, I won’t allow readers to choose the new name, I am not stupid.  But I will take into consideration any idea that comes across.


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3 thoughts on “Polling for a name

  1. Why not just keep it simple and call it Prairie Flounder? Your nom de plume is pretty memorable.

  2. Archvillain says:

    If you’re going to let a little thing like prior use bother you, I suppose I can come up with a couple of other possibilities.

    – Pyro without the Maniac
    – Bedknobs and Boomsticks
    – Quantum Beep
    – Lawrence Liver-no-more Labs
    – Have Nerd, Will Travel
    – Nuclear Weaponeer’s Handbook (Volume I)
    – Several Species of Small Furry Animals Living in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict
    – All the Good Names Were Taken
    – Insert Silly Title Here
    – Dionysus and Dynamite
    – Shaving the Barber
    – Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology …
    – With Friends Like These
    – Big Bada-Boom

    I’m sure I could dream up a few more if I lubricated my cephalic nodule with alcohol, but that oughta be enough to start with.

  3. planetross says:

    I agree with Mike at The Big Stick: I do like the name “Prairie Flounder”
    … but I do like Archvillain’s “All the Good Names Were Taken” idea.

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