Helping to make the Republican debate fun to watch.

I haven’t been watching the Republican debates, but I have listened to the news summaries and read a lot of transcripts.  I like reading the transcripts, people sound incredibly stupid when you read what they said.  Anyway, I have an idea to liven up the debates and make them more attractive to the viewers.  I think it would be great to see how good the candidates can think on their feet and exercise self-control.

Some may say that they already do that, but I disagree.  Most of the time a politicians answer to a question is to turn it around into a campaign speech or a dictated resume of achievements. I doubt that you can frame a question in such a manner that prevents this type of evasion.  However, I think I may have an idea to make it at least more entertaining to watch.  All you have to do is set up a system where if any of the following words are uttered by a candidate an air horn goes off interrupting the debate.

(yeah, we, people, person, gonna, wanna, issue)

For example:

RICK PERRY: Yeah <HOOOOONK!>, the distinguishing mark is– a tax policy that puts a flat tax in place of– 20%. And you– as they’ve said, you get rid of the regulatory burden that’s killing people <HOOOOONK!>. And I have a record of doing that as the governor of the state of Texas over the last 11 years. We <HOOOOONK!> created over a million jobs in that state while America lost over two million jobs.

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, (CLEARS THROAT) first of all, I think it is a real issue <HOOOOONK!>. And people <HOOOOONK!> have to look at the person <HOOOOONK!> whom they’re gonna <HOOOOONK!> loan the presidency. And they have the– they have the right to ask every single question. They have to have a feeling that this is a person <HOOOOONK!> that they can trust with the level of power we <HOOOOONK!> give to the presidency. And I think it’s a very, very important issue <HOOOOONK!>.

To make it really interesting, each candidate’s podium would be set up with a digital readout set at 10.  Each time the horn goes off the candidate who uttered the word gets docked one number.  Once the reaches zero his/her microphone goes dead.  Last one with a live microphone wins.

We could add a dunk tank as things move closer to November.

Just a thought..


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One thought on “Helping to make the Republican debate fun to watch.

  1. Archvillain says:

    This is an AWESOME idea! We must make this standard practice for all political debates- by force, if necessary.

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