Clean up

I am cleaning out my blog roll.  Fair warning to anyone who hasn’t posted in a while, you may find yourself missing.  What an interesting phrase…   Oxymoron’s like Living dead and black light really entertain my brain.

Anyway, if you haven’t posted in a very long time I am going to eject you from my blog roll.  Nothing personal, I just get tired of constantly checking for new posts and being disappointed.  It’s a new year and I resolved to avoid disappointments.

I made this resolution in part due to my experiences at the movies during the holiday break.  I went to see Mission Impossible.  Boy was I disappointed.  I even went in to the theater with low expectations, it didn’t help.  Failed gadgets, silly physics, impossible feats of human endurance, endless regrouping and failed plans, and Tom Cruise all equally contributed to my disappointment.  Mission Impossible is supposed to be about executing an intricate plan with cool gadgets and flawlessly resolve the situation.  Not flounder around with gadgets that don’t work while constantly falling back, regrouping, running and shooting.  What a mess.

Oh, and I am also going to clean out the links.  For instance American Thinker is history.  I used to like the site, but it has turned into a ‘why Obama is single handedly responsible for the decline of civilization’ and the propaganda arm of the Republican Party.  I am keeping Reason and Sp!ked as they are still relevant.

I may change the name of the site as well.  I have been getting out of rocketry as a hobby and Sky Fishing doesn’t seem to fit any longer.  Suggestions are welcome.



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2 thoughts on “Clean up

  1. Archvillain says:

    Sorry to hear about you getting out of rocketry, but I can understand it. With your heavy work load, there’s only so much time available for hobbies.

    Why not re-name your blog FUBAR Labs?

  2. planetross says:

    I like giving suggestions … that are suggestive.

    – Wind Winder (the winder as in winding a yo-yo)
    – Hippie Prairiemobilia
    – Fire-arms Walking-legs and Windy-thoughts
    – Colorado’s and don’ts
    – Prairie Profounderer
    – Breezy Thoughts
    – Is there a draft in here?
    – Zombees in my Bonnet … or hat

    note: I’ve been a bit slack lately, but I’m glad I made the cut.

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