Turning Hippie?

Am I turning into a Hippie?

I was taken off guard the other day when my wife casually called me a hippie.  I protested, but she persisted.  “You’re totally a hippie”

For some reason this stuck in my mind, me a hippie?  Why was I offended?

That evening I couldn’t sleep, I just lay in bed and mulled over the thought, “What hippie like symptoms am I exhibiting?”

Politically speaking I have always assumed that a hippie is associated to leftists, socialists, democrats, and others who worry about dolphins, rain forests, and protection of endangered this and that.  I never concerned myself about these kinds of things.  Socialists give me a headache.  I have always leaned more to the right end of the political spectrum.  I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh and agreed with most of what he said.  I even have a Rush to excellence coffee cup!  But now I don’t have any time to listen to talk radio, I mostly listen to NPR on the way to and from work.  No hippie like symptoms here.

Another hippie attribute would include mind altering drugs and free love.  I have never done any illegal drugs and have been happily married for over a quarter of a century.  However, I do believe that the war on drugs is a complete waste of time and people should do as they please as long as it harms no one but themselves.  Oh, and prostitution is a victimless crime.  Yep, no hippie stuff found yet.

Hippies also have a tendency to be anti-establishment types; they don’t want to have anything to do with big corporations or the military.  I used to be in the military and worked for fortune 500 companies. I now work as a teacher for a wind power company. But I don’t think of it as an environmental statement as much as a really cool place to work.  The machines are fantastic.

Hippies also, for some reason, buy a lot of Apple products, at least modern hippies do.  Sure I have owned an iPad for a year and absolutely love it, and when given a choice for a company phone I took the iPhone over the Android, but that was because of the Apps.  Oh, and for Christmas we bought an iMac to replace our P.O.S. HP computer that was impossible to deal with.  But that doesn’t make me a Hippie.

Oh and hippies love to gather in groups and share their experiences and emotions with each other.  Sure sometimes I like to go out to the prairie in my 68 VW bus and hang out with some friends around the camp fire, but that doesn’t make me a hippie.

Tonight I am going to load some of my CDs into my iPod.  I have to find the White Album…. I am sure I left it in my VW somewhere.

Sometimes my wife is uncanny in her observations.  Maybe I am turning into a latent hippie.  Even so, is it necessary a bad thing?

Maybe I can become kind of a hybrid hippie with all the attributes of being a hippie without the smelly left overs.

Let see how this would work….

No drugs, but willing to let others do as they please…

Free love, but only with my lovely wife…

Fiscally conservative, socially liberal, with a healthy distrust of authority…

Good music…

No mega churches, but no mysticism, neo-paganism, magic crystals, Buddha, or other balderdash…

Maybe Hybrid Hippie isn’t such bad a term, but I don’t like the sound.  It’s too vague.  Maybe Libertarian is the right word term to use.

A Libertarian Hippy?

Why not?



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6 thoughts on “Turning Hippie?

  1. […] Today’s unwitting role model and hippie coming-out hero goes by the name “prairieflounder,” blogs at Sky Fishing, and wrote a post entitled “Turning Hippie?“ […]

  2. George says:

    Excellent post! A for writing class if I’m teaching!

    I’m in the midst of building a comprehensive hippie movement history site called Thank A Hippie.It’s a multi-media resource on the sixties, with video, photos, audio, and lots of links to books, music, and online information that explores the history of the hippie movement and its impact on life today.

    I used you as a “hero” in a post today: Hippies of All Ages: Time to Come Out of The Closet?

    Hope you don’t mind. Too bad if you do, though. It’s a free country, right? ;-)

  3. Understand that being a hippie today is a bit different than being a hippie in the 60’s and 70’s. Hippies have new ideas on different topics that deal with the changing times. The hippie generation forming today is doing so for many of the same ideas that formed then, but they are different nonetheless.

  4. planetross says:

    My brother used to be a real hippy back in the late 60’s early 70’s: a big afro, smelly, and wearing moose boots with a big staff in his hand. I think he was even in Chicago in 1968!
    He decided to leave the commune (hippy house) he lived in because of the dogs and cats allowed in the house.
    I still consider him a hippy though for some reason.
    Hippie is just a state of mind really.

  5. Sugel says:

    hippies inherited a tradition of cultural dissent from bohemians and beatniks of the Beat Generation in the late 1950s.

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