Holiday lights and hunting trash

I woke up this morning early thinking that maybe I will snap a photo before leaving for work.  My thermometer is frozen to the patio and covered in a layer of ice.  It was cold enough to hurt to breath and my mustache froze within seconds.  I did manage to stap this photo this morning.

Lights Dec 2011

At least it’s a dry cold.

On the bright side, it is supposed to get into the 50s this weekend.  I may finally get a chance to do some prairie roaming.  I just love taking long walks around the desolate wilderness of the high plains.  Up north by the Wyoming state line is some beautiful country with canyons, flat lands, and interesting debris.  There is usualy no one around and lots of room to roam.  I like to take nice long walks with my lovely wife at my side.  Usually we are armed.  Which is nice.

She likes to look at geological features, rocks and flowers.  I like to look at animal houses, holes, bones, and foot prints.  When we come across a discarded tin can or soda, I like to take a moment to put a nice hole or three in it, then pick it up and take it to the car for proper disposal.

Trash hunter.

Occasionally we run across a spot where other shooters set up to practice.  Sometimes we find a bunch of spent shells all over the ground. This kind of pisses me off.  I do my best to pick up what I can when I come across this.  Not so much because I am concerned about the environment, brass came from the dirt after all, but because it’s just the right thing to do.

The prairie is a wonderful place to walk around, camp out, or do a little plinking.  I don’t want trash there anymore than I want to see trash in my own back yard.  What I really hate is to run across shotgun shells littering the ground.  There is something about shotgun shells that add that extra bit of trashiness to the ground.  Brass seems more natural than plastic.

Oh and when it is really cold out on the prairie, the brass is literally frozen to the ground.  Have to catch them another day.


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One thought on “Holiday lights and hunting trash

  1. planetross says:

    A dry cold … some people don’t understand what that means; I do, but it’s still cold.

    If I found used cartridges around here, I would probably call the police: different latitudes and different attitudes … as Jimmy Buffet said.

    I wouldn’t mind going for a walk in Colorado though.

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