Frozen ditch wieners.


This morning I got to navigate to work through my first snow storm of the season.  Officially this is the third storm of the season, but I was in Denmark during the first two and my lovely wife had to deal with those all by her lonesome.  She’s thinking, “welcome to the party!”

The good news is that I got to take my Honda Element to work rather than my usual trip in my old Honda POS.  If I attempted to drive that car this morning I would be a frozen ditch wiener, like so many others I observed on my way to work this morning.

What is it about snow that people just don’t get?  I actually counted the number of cars in the ditch on the way to work.  I work 34 miles away from home and I counted 16 cars in the ditch.  That’s one car in a ditch every two or so miles, but it wasn’t distributed that way.  Most of the cars were grouped, probably due to following each other too closely.  I also noticed a lot of cars passing me with snow covering their rear windows and their lights turned off.  A white car with its lights turned off at dawn in drifting snow is invisible.

This is Colorado for god’s sake, it’s not like snow is a rare thing to behold.  On the bright side, maybe it will act as a stimulus to the Colorado tow truck, and body shop economy.    I am a glass half full kind of guy.

We are also expecting a temperature reversal.  This is where the high temp of the day was just after midnight at 34 degrees.  By the time I drive home it should be in the lower teens.  This should make for an interesting drive home, once the snow and slush turns to ice.  At least Friday is supposed to be sunny.

The weekend is supposed to turn ugly again, but I won’t care.  I have no plans on driving anywhere this weekend.  Besides, tonight the Christmas lights are coming on.  They look so nice when covered by snow.  I will take a photo and post it tomorrow; maybe if I edit it just right it may become my new header image.

If you’re a fellow winter traveler and read this (unlikely) please remember the following:

Clean off your car, slow down, and turn on your headlights.

Because it’s better to be late, than be a ditch wiener.


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One thought on “Frozen ditch wieners.

  1. planetross says:

    I put on my winter tires today … things don’t get really rolling around here until after Christmas … snow wise.

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