Xmas Lights Pt 1

I have a rule about Christmas lights and decorations; they don’t go up until December first.  This year I felt the need to bend that rule just a little bit.  Traditionally the weather turns nasty at the first of December, which makes hanging the lights a bit of a pain.





So this year I put up the Christmas lights during Thanksgiving, and won’t turn them on until December 1st (tomorrow).  They should look great in the snow.

Oh Dad, remember our conversation last weekend when I told you we had a high in the 40s and lows in the 20s and you said you couldn’t golf in that.  Well try highs in the 20s!

Something unique to Colorado, people will actually go golfing when it is below freezing wearing a down jacket and shorts.  It’s just how they roll around here.


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One thought on “Xmas Lights Pt 1

  1. planetross says:

    I’m like sap from maple trees: I don’t do anything when it’s in the 20s … Farenheit.

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