Randers Walkabout

I went for a little walk around Randers today.  Not aiming for any place in particular, just walking around.  I really enjoy Sunday walks, it’s peaceful, quiet, and most people are absent, which is nice.  In Denmark Sunday is a family day, people tend to keep to themselves and not venture out, the shops are closed and all is quiet.

The Danes really know how to do sculpture.  Not much in the way of abstract art, but real statues.  I especially like statues of naked women.  Not only because I simply love the female form, but because it is so different from statues in the US.  Some puritan would probably cover these lovely ladies up to keep the sight of breasts from impressionable children.  I say that if a small child hasn’t had a year or so of up close and personal exposure to boobs that child hasn’t had a decent meal in his or her short life.

Anyway here are a few photos I took on my walk about through Randers.

Lovely lady





















































Town Center














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One thought on “Randers Walkabout

  1. planetross says:

    I sense a cheese shop somewhere in that town center.

    I like statues too!
    … and usually the photos of them turn out … because they don’t move.

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