Occupy first Class

During my little jaunt to Denmark I have to say that while the trip was uncomfortable, but it is still quite amazing.  And it gave me a little insight into the Occupy movement. 

Sure I could bitch about TSA and such, but it was still amazing. In only 9 hours I arrived in Frankfurt.  I got to fly while taking a nap in a chair!  Sure it was an uncomfortable chair, but I didn’t have to flap or anything.  They even gave me liquor. 

What made me think of the Occupy movement?  When you disembark the air plane from the cheap seats, they seem to purposely send you through the business class section. God, do I ever covet the business class.  The roomy seats, the leg room, the flight crew sucking up to you. It must be heaven.  I wonder if cattle ever feel that way as they are off loaded from the back of the truck and they pass by the driver’s compartment.  “Mooo… did you see that leg room?,  Mooo.. did you see the leather chair?”

It makes me almost understand the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  Ok, not philosophically, but emotionally.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is simply amazing that I can climb into an incredible device that transports me in only nine hours across an entire ocean.   Sure I can bitch and moan about TSA and tiny seats.  I could gripe about horrible food and idiot passengers.  But it is still amazing.  Not too long ago this required an ocean voyage of many weeks! However, right when you think about how cool it is and how horrible it used to be, then they walk you past the business section, or worse the first class section.  OMFG!  You mean to tell me that if I was rich I could have sat in a cocoon of pleasure?   I could have been waited on hand and foot, with foot room to boot?  It should be inalienable!  Who has the right to sit in such luxury while I have to sit next to some big haired, big assed, loud, smelly, lady with huge bags, and without a mute switch.  If I was in first class I could be in a cocoon of soft silk and leather, legs stretched out watching a movie with mimosa in one hand, the TV remote in the other, while my personal assistant / Victoria secret model asks me if I want a second silk pillow for my ass.  It’s just not fair.

Someone should do something about this huge disparity.  There are only a few seats in first class, maybe only 1% of the capacity!  How do they rate such luxury while the other 99% of us have to huddle together and watch Cars 2 on a 6” screen 20’ away? 

I often wonder what keeps the 99% from simply raiding the first class seats and take over.  That little curtain isn’t going to cut it when the peasants get to revolting, or should I say more revolting.

Maybe most people have an idea what it takes to buy one of those tickets.  Maybe most people still feel a sense of property.  Maybe 99% is bullshit.  I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, the 1% are the people who are protesting.  Maybe it is the 1% who do not understand that some people are just better at making money than they are.  I just hope it is only 1%.  Otherwise we as a country are screwed.

I am part of the 99%.  I am proud that there are rich people.  I am willing to work hard, so some day I will be able to fly business.  Someday I hope to fart through silk flying. If not, then that’s ok too.  I would rather the opportunity be there, and not achieve it, than have everyone equal and achieve nothing.


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One thought on “Occupy first Class

  1. planetross says:

    I felt a bit of “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Incredibles” in that last line.

    I’ve never had a problem with there being rich people in the world, as long as they didn’t make it unfairly on the backs of the poor and others. (I’m thinking despots, backroom dealers, insiders, and slavers)

    It’s not how much money someone has that defines them, it’s what they do with that money.

    I feel a little bit of “Spiderman” in that last line. hee hee!

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