iTime app?

I don’t think I would like to be able to travel back in time; it bothers me that I may change something and screw up someone’s future, especially mine.  But I would love to have a way to look back in time.  Some kind of time-scope that would enable me to look back in time would be so cool.  It would be a great learning resource, but mostly I would love to find out what happened to some of the stuff that I have misplaced over the years. 

There are times where I fondly remember some possession that I had when I was young.  Then later in life ask myself, whatever happened to that thing? 

I imagine that maybe someday there may be an app for that.

You would turn on your itime app and using some sort of search feature find the object of your desire.  Then scroll through the time forward feature to see just what happens to whatever you are tracking. 

For example, I used to have this great zippo lighter that I bought in Basic training.  I often wonder what happened to that lighter, I would certainly never tossed it into the garbage, and Zippos are nearly indestructible.  So I use the app to go back in time to where I last remember using the lighter.  Lock on to it with a tap of the screen.  I slide the time forward bar until I find that the damn thing slid out of my pocket in a rental car.  Eureka!  Then just for fun I continue the time forward feature until the present.  I would watch where the lighter went over time.  Then I can go and get my lighter back from the asshole who cleans rental cars. 

This would also be a fun device to find out what happened to old girlfriends.  Or maybe not, that would be just a bit too much information. 

I wonder if it would be possible to improve on that app even more by allowing the time viewing to run past the present.  You could find out when you will lose something before you lose it.  An ounce of prevention…  

It would also make for a great learning tool for history students.  I can just see the teacher telling the class, “Ok class, what did the founding fathers say just after signing the Declaration of Independence, please use quotes”

I also imagine that it would be a wonderful tool to use in law enforcement.  CSI would only need one tool in their tool box.  They would just go to the crime scene and roll back the time to watch exactly who did what to whom.  Crime solved, here is the video as evidence.  I have the feeling that the crime rate would take a serious dive.  Not end, but it would go down. 

What other benefits to a time app can you think of?


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One thought on “iTime app?

  1. planetross says:

    I think most things from childhood that vanished either were lost through neglect … or your parents threw the stuff out.
    I can forgive myself, but I may have hard feelings towards my parents. hee hee!

    I’d use the app to show friends that the didn’t pay the money back I lent them … or gave back the cd I lent them … or the book … or that they did at one time like some crap song that they swear they never did.

    note: old girlfriends get old … just like everyone else.

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