An evening of normal.

I have become accustomed to living in unfamiliar surroundings.  Sometimes it is good to embrace the oddities of another culture, and sometimes it is good to take a break and attempt to recreate the confortable atmosphere from home. 

After work yesterday I decided that I had enough adventures walking around Leon, driving around the surrounding countryside, and generally enjoying the culture.  It was time to spend some quality time alone in my hotel room.  I just wanted to watch some TV. 

At home I like to relax with an ice cold adult beverage, enjoy a cigar while sitting in the back yard watching a show on Netflix.

I tried Netflix on my laptop computer, but found that it is not available outside the US.  What a bummer.  But I am not generally discouraged that easily.    I used my VPN client to port to Portland Oregon.  Now Netflix thinks I am suddenly stateside, so it let me login.  After logging on, I started looking for something to watch.

Netflix likes to ask a lot of questions about your viewing habits.  I normally balk at any attempt to pump me for information, but this time I went along.  It asked me to rate various movies and TV shows.  The idea is that it would develop suggestions according to my preferences.  So I spent the next half an hour rating movies.  Which was kind of fun, I was brutal in my assessments and rarely gave a movie three stars out of five.  I used an all or nothing rating system, one star for movies that I don’t want to see twice, and five stars for movies I like it enough to watch something like it. 

After a while the system started to make recommendations.  There is something telling about fact that the first recommendation was DR Who.  I didn’t even know that the old series started up again.  Oh, and I want a sonic screwdriver. 

Sonic Screwdriver

Here I am sitting in a leather chair in a hotel room watching a British television series on a laptop computer using a wireless access point in Spain to port to Portland Oregon.  The show stopped for a moment to load.  Apparently the speed that the show plays is slightly faster than the bits can fly in from Portland.

While I am waiting for the show to load I look around the room. 

First of all this is a smoking room. So I can enjoy a cigar while watching DR Who.  Not many smoking rooms in the US, maybe none.

I went to the refrigerator.  It is stocked every day with eight different bottles of various beverages, including sparkling water, water, Fanta orange, Coke, etc…  Each one is in an old-fashioned glass bottle.  Included were a few coasters and a bottle opener.  It’s been a long time since I opened a bottle opener on anything but beer.  Oh and everything is complementary.  In the bathroom were drinking glasses, made of real glass not plastic. 

I guess there are fewer lawyers in Spain than in the US.  Glass water cups in a bathroom that is completely covered in marble tile and a giant glass sink would normally spell disaster.  I guess they trust their guests not to drop things in the bathroom.  Oh and marble is as slick as seal snot when wet.

So I mixed myself a whiskey and coke and settled down to watch more DR Who until I went to bed.  It was nice to watch British television again.  In an odd way it felt Comforting.  If felt kind of unreal.  I felt like I was back home watching Netflix in my back yard, enjoying an adult beverage and a cigar. 

The next morning it was time to return to reality.  I turned on the room’s television to see what the weather had in store.  The channel that happened to be on was playing Myth Busters translated into Spanish.  That is a rough combination, especially at 6:15 in the morning.

It was time for breakfast. 

The restaurant was filled with Danish workers who didn’t speak Spanish and a Spanish waitress who couldn’t speak English.  I am illiterate in both Spanish and Danish, but I have memorized a few key phrases.  Godmorgen, café negro, por favor.

Time to go to work….



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One thought on “An evening of normal.

  1. planetross says:

    It doesn’t happen over here too often, when I actually understand I’m having one of those moments.
    Watching The Stanley Cup Final games live at 9am in the morning usually registers that some things know no bounds.

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