Smile chips

So I went shopping today to pick up some sandwich stuff for my hotel room.  I am kind of an early bird and can’t seem to wait until 8pm to eat dinner like the Spanish do.  So I generally have just a sandwich when I get back from work.  I figured that chips would go well with a salami and ham sandwich so I headed to the chip isle at the grocery store.  El Corte Ingles is the name of the store in case you’re wondering.  Ironically the name translates to “The English Court”. 

While in the chip isle I came across arguably the scariest looking example of a potato chip.

Spooky-ass chips




I wonder what these would be called if exported to the US?  I am looking for suggestions.




One thought on “Smile chips

  1. planetross says:

    “Scary Chips” … in bite sized parts.

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