American Bar and BHO


So on Sunday I decided to take a break from enjoying the traditional food dishes of the local area.  I wanted to find some tasty American food.  It is difficult to describe Spanish cuisine; I did a search on the internet and found one paragraph that pretty much describes the dining around here. 

“The dining choices revolve around meats and cheeses cured in the cold mountain air and warm dishes such as hearty stews and roasted anything- lamb, suckling pig, goat, etc. What to try: cochinillo (roast suckling pig), cocido madrileño (stew of meat, cabbage, carrots & potatoes), queso manchego (cured sheep’s cheese), pisto manchego (zucchini, tomatoes and eggplant in a tomato base) and migas (fried breadcrumbs). “

I was on a mission to find a good old fashioned American burger.  I went down stairs, map in my pocket, and found one of my colleagues from Denmark waiting in the lobby.  He said he was waiting for a co-worker, and that they were going to dinner, but he hasn’t showed up.  I told him I was on a mission to find Burger King.  He said, “Let’s go”

We were both amazed that we actually found Burger King on the first try.  In the states the only thing positive I can say about Burger King is that at least it’s not McDonalds.  But after eating all this healthy fresh food I was craving something bad for me.  Dining in Spain is like an extended visit to your grandmother’s house.  You eat well, but soon crave some fast food.

Not only does Burger king have a menu, but prices as well.  This alone is unique compared to most of the eating establishments around here.  Also no huge command of the Spanish language is required to order.  I said “número uno grande” and got myself a big-ass Whopper.  Also Coca cola is universal.

I paid for dinner.  Thanks for dinner, Gracias por la cena, Tak til middag.

After eating we decided to explore the city, my colleague wanted to see the American Bar.  I had no idea where we found it last time, but off we went with dinner stuck in my stomach like a brick.  We eventually found the American Bar and went inside for a beer.  They had a tremendous selection of beers from all over the world.  I went through the beer menu page by page.  This is arguably the best, most informative beer menu I have ever seen.  Not only does it have a picture of the beer bottle, but the country of origin, alcohol content, price, and calories.  What a deal.  Now what would be the best beer to order in an American Bar in Spain?  I decided on a Corona from Mexico, my Danish Colleague ordered a Carlsberg.  I thought it was funny that in the American Bar the only beer from the US was a Budweiser. 

So here I am in Spain, in an American Bar, drinking a Mexican beer, watching American music videos from the 80s.  It felt like I went full circle back to my days in the military when I was stationed in England.  MTV was all the rage and every bar and club played MTV all the time. 

You know that feeling you get when you feel like someone is watching you, that little tingling on the back of your neck?  I have been feeling that the whole time while sitting sipping my drink.  I finally turned around and found the source.  Just over my sholder was a bust of a man mounted to the wall.  It seemed to be staring at me.  It was Barack Obama.















That kind of shattered the whole 80s feeling, so we left.

The next half an hour or so was spend trying to find our way back to the hotel. 


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2 thoughts on “American Bar and BHO

  1. planetross says:

    I once had a Japanese Asahi Super Dry beer in Ushuaia, Argentina (the most southern city in the world supposedly) … while staring at an R2D2 lifesized thing.
    I didn’t recognize a Canadian Prime Minister looking over my shoulder though … although to be fair, I didn’t know who was the P.M. at the time.

    I hear you about too much good food: I’m a Burger King fan when I travel.

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