Vacation pt. 3 the voyage home

Rum soaked gnome







It’s odd how time is perceived while traveling. 

On the way to California the initial trip seemed to drag on and on, and then as we got closer to our destination time seemed to accelerate.  For example the ride through Wyoming seemed to take forever, Utah just flew by, and Nevada didn’t seem to drag on as long as it should have.  As soon as we passed Fernley the trip seemed to go faster and faster. 

Time went exactly the same way on the way back, geographically.  Exiting California went quickly, the drive through Nevada seemed to scream by, and it didn’t seem like much time passed at all as we arrived in Wendover.  The closer we got to home the longer it seemed to take.  It was almost like one of those nightmares where you are running down a hall and the hall seems to get longer and longer, never reaching the end. 

As always Wendover is an interesting stop.  It is half way to Colorado from Sacramento and we almost always stop there for a nights rest.  I prefer Winnemucca Nevada or Park City Utah, but that either adds or subtracts about 150 miles to or from the trip.  Stopping too early or pushing on beyond exhaustion seems to be the alternative.   We accidentally picked arguably the worst date to stop in Wendover.  It was Bonneville Speed Week out on the Salt Flats.  Every crazy motor head in America was in Winnemucca.  Finding a hotel room was quite the challenge.  We managed to find one that was probably too expensive for the casual motor head to manage, but we were desperate to sleep.  Beggars can’t be choosers.  However, since classic cars were blocking every parking space in the front of the hotel and we have a handicap placard for when we are driving my son around (he was with us at the time so it counts) the hotel felt bad about not being able to park anywhere near the hotel and cut us a break.  So we managed to get a nice room with a spa in the room (Next to the bed) for the price of a regular room. 

No one slept well that night, four adults in a room with only one King sized bed makes for some grumpy sleepers.  The next day’s drive was quite miserable.  We were all quite tired of fast food, truck stops, and being cramped in a car for hours on end.  But finally we arrived in Fort Collins and let the boys off at their apartment. 

It was so nice to be home alone with my lovely wife.  I love my family, but after ten days it was good to be home.  I just don’t see how people can take lengthy vacations.  That said; it looks like I have a few days to just relax at home before getting on a plane and heading out to a business trip.  I am not looking forward to more travel.  I prefer driving to flying.  Not so much because I am quite tall and flying is uncomfortable, but because I don’t know how to fly.  It’s a control thing.

Oh well, I shouldn’t complain.  It will be nice to visit Spain again I just hope the ghosts of the last trip do not haunt me too much…  More on that later.


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