Going west for Vacation

Vacation starts tomorrow.  No I haven’t packed yet, but I have been thinking about it.  This vacation will be like a lot of our vacations, it requires a road trip.  We will be driving over what a lot of people call the fly-over part of the US.  The drive from Colorado to California covers some of the most interesting and diverse country in America.  It is also some of the most boring, mind numbing, and horrifically hostile environment to travel. 

Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada have some great scenery, but they also have some of the worst rest stops in America, particularly in Nevada.  It seems that most of the rest stops along I-80 in Nevada are made with a premeditated intent of discouraging anyone from using the restroom.  The design, location, orientation, materials, everything seems to be thought of to discourage their use.  I don’t know if this is some kind of conspiracy, incompetence, or just a consequence of the design parameters.   

The toilet looks like an inverted bucket with a slightly ass shaped hole in the top.  It is placed over a gaping hole over a pit, the contents of which seems to maintain a level that is someplace in between a horrifically long fall into hell, yet close enough to be able to see details as to what exactly hell is composed of.   There is usually no running water.  The venting system has been carefully thought out to ensure that the odors that emanate from the bottom of the tank get spread evenly over the entire rest stop no matter how hard the wind is blowing.  The entire design is so diabolical it almost screams out “This is why you drive a mobile home of fly over Nevada, you deserve this abuse”

I am looking forward to this vacation, really.  The rest stops are just part of the price you pay to enjoy the scenery. Nothing is free.  The drive through Nevada and Utah is also a great reality check on population.  There is a lot of America that is just plain empty.  It is nice to see.  There is no better way to really hammer that home than driving through the heart of it. 

During my trip I will try to document some of our adventures.  I have a little garden gnome that may accompany us on our trip as a better subject for photographs.  His name is Norbert Hollowbottom. No I didn’t make that name up, he chose it.  Gnomes get to pick their own names, just like cats.




One thought on “Going west for Vacation

  1. planetross says:

    I’m not sure if you are still on holidays … and survived the rest stops.
    “Nothing is free” I like that quote: free is subjective. It’s only free, if you don’t mind the consequences: and can move on unscathed.

    “With great empty vastness comes bad toilets”

    I think Peter Parker may have said that in one of those movies … or his Uncle maybe.

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