Rush to debt

I was driving to work this morning and listening to NPR on the radio.  After about ten miles or so I noticed that I wasn’t actually listening.  How do you find out when you stoped listening?  Anyway, once I started listening to the content of the radio I found much to my irritation that NPR was once again doing a pledge drive. 

Pledge drives always irritate me, mostly because NPR makes it sound like their completely sustained by guilt.  “How dare you listen to the radio without paying for all the excellent unbiased programing”, they seem to say.  I am not going to get into a discussion into how much NPR is funded by Washington, but they defiantly are the voice of the government.  The combination of government funding, corporate guilt driven funding, and soliciting public donations leaves me irked.  Then they started to talk about the Debt Crisis. 

 In the interest of sounding fair and unbiased NPR was basically conveying that in order to get our financial house in order we have to go further into debt and raise taxes.  Oh, and also the Republicans want to make sure that big businesses and millionaires keep their obscenely low tax rates.  Oh and the Republicans also want the Democrats to look like tax and spend nut jobs in order to fool the public into electing Republicans next year.  Lastly they stated that both parties are more interested in keeping their jobs rather than actually doing their job. 

Then back into the pledge drive.  After a few minutes of waiting for the quality unbiased programing to return, I finally switched my car stereo over to whatever CD happened to be in the player.  It usually surprises me what CD is in the player and what track it was left it on.  This has more to do with infrequent use than being forgetful.  Mostly.

The CD in the player was an old RUSH album that I picked up some twenty five odd years ago in England.  I looked down on the seat beside me and the dust cover still has the price sticker on it, I paid 11.99 pounds sterling.  Track 6 started automatically.


“Something For Nothing”

Waiting for the winds of change

To sweep the clouds away

Waiting for the rainbow’s end

To cast its gold your way

Countless ways

You pass the days…. 

Waiting for someone to call

And turn your world around

Looking for an answer

To the question you have found

Looking for

An open door


You don’t get something for nothing

You can’t have freedom for free

You won’t get wise

With the sleep still in your eyes

No matter what your dreams might be


What you own is your own kingdom

What you do is your own glory

What you love is your own power

What you live is your own story

In your head is the answer

Let it guide you along

Let your heart be the anchor

And the beat of your own song


You don’t get something for nothing

You can’t have freedom for free

You won’t get wise

With the sleep still in your eyes

No matter what your dreams might be


I really enjoy old RUSH songs, especially the lyrics.  “Something for Nothing” by Rush seemed rather appropriate.  It’s appropriate music, not only to NPR asking the public for money, but our current debt crisis as well. 

I personally believe that we are in this mess because the majority of the people in the US are getting exactly what they asked for.  We voted in politicians that share the same culture as the rest of us.  This culture is one of living beyond our means, charging up the credit, and sending the debt to our children and grandchildren.  Now we are angry when faced with the reality that sooner or later we have to pay. 

NPR did get one thing right; the politicians are more interested in playing politics than fixing the problem.  That’s because fixing the problem is political suicide.  Politicians want admiration above all else.  No one wants a politician that can’t give them something for nothing.  The voters will send packing anyone who has a chance of fixing the problem.  Talk about being between a rock and a hard place, each and every politician believes that they can do something about the issue, but they all have to walk a thin line between doing what will make them popular and doing what is right.  They can’t stay in office if they do what is right, but they can’t fix the problem if they do what will make them popular.

I honestly don’t see a way out of this mess without a change in our culture.  Until the majority of Americans stop asking for more than they pay in, nothing will change.  It will only get worse. 

Maybe the Government needs to do a pledge drive to raise money, like NPR does. 

Oh, wait, they already do.




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