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Over the years I have had the opportunity to “work from home” from time to time.  This usually petered out due to office politics and or resentful coworkers bitching about perceived unfairness.  My newest job (Career) actually encourages this as a way to have some work/life balance.  I have mixed feelings about this encouraging a work/life balance, but since I work for an international company it comes in handy.  I am finding myself in situations where time zones work against me and it helps to be able to hold a conference at home during the early morning or late evening. 


In the past I had a home office in our basement on an old oak desk.  The atmosphere was good for concentrating on business, the room had no windows, it was far removed from any distractions, and it was private.  However it also was ugly, cramped, far from the coffee maker, and someone could be pounding in our front door and I wouldn’t have a clue.


So I decided that the front room would be a better place for my home office, strange but true.  We are in the process of remodeling our front room to look more like a cozy library than a living room.  The couch is gone and I moved the oak desk up stairs.  But it just didn’t seem right, the finish was too bright not to mention scratched and chipped through a dozen years of use.  So I started the process of refinishing.  After sanding off the original varnish then re-staining and putting on a strong clear varnish.


This is what the desk looked like when the re-staining was complete.










Note the iPad and the coffee cup.  Both are essential for a productive work environment.  So is a fast wireless internet!  It also gives me a wonderful view of the front yard and all the neighbors’ houses.  The lamp we bought at Lowes and slightly modified by replacing the ugly-ass shade with one we found in another part of the store. 

 Then I did some more work.  I put in a door to cover the printer drawer and installed an odd set of switches to control the desk lamp.




Now on to the book shelves…


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One thought on “Home office

  1. planetross says:

    If I worked at home, I might go wierd. hee hee!

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