Mowing music


I have an iPod, but I don’t use it often.  I am not like some of my friends and coworkers who seem to have a need to listen to a soundtrack of their life.  I do use my iPod for times where I am doing some boring task, especially when that boring task has annoying sounds associated with it, like mowing the grass or sanding the rust off my hippy prairie mobile.  I have a tendency of letting my iPod shuffle randomly around my eclectic selection of music. 


 It takes five songs for me to mow the lawn.

Here is an example. 


New Order – True Faith-94

Incubus – Drive

Smash Mouth – I’m A Believer

Talking HeadsLife During Wartime

Billy Joel, Room of her own.


I just love the lyrics of Room of her own


You’ve got diamonds and I’ve got spades

You’ve got pills

And I’ve got razor blades

You’ve got yoga honey

I’ve got beer

You got overpriced

And I got weird

But it’s alright

We’re the same even though we’re alone

It’s alright

Yes we all need a room of our own


Sounds like someone I know.


Some people believe that they are defined by the music they listen to, or maybe it’s the other way around.  I like to think that music is a lot like anything else you put into your head including movies, books, conversations, art, etc.   I like to think of it as GIGO, or Garbage in Garbage out.


Be very careful what you put into your head as you will never ever be able to get it out.


What do you listen to when you mow the lawn?



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One thought on “Mowing music

  1. planetross says:

    It takes 5 minutes to mow my lawn: I usually just open the sliding glass doors and crank the stereo … even though I can’t really hear it over the electric piece of crap mower I have.
    It’s just nice to know that music is playing while I mow.

    note: I think there is a Dave Dobbyn’s CD stuck in the stereo at the moment.

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