Naked or nude

Netflix is really a cool thing to have on an iPad. I just love searching around for movies or documentaries. I ran across one the other night that really appealed to the hippy side of my personality.

Naked States (2000) is a documentary film following the adventures of Spencer Tucker. He travels the U.S. in search of volunteers to pose nude for his outdoor photo-shoots, all of them done out in public. What sets him apart is that he doesn’t photograph erotic poses of beautiful models in picturesque scenes, he prefers normal people in everyday urban or odd environments. The documentary follows Tuckers travels across the US and his efforts at talking ordinary people into taking off their cloths and pose nude for his camera. Sometimes one person, sometimes hundreds at a time. I prefer singles, crowds make me itch.

I really enjoyed the film, it gave me a warm feeling to see that there are still people out there willing to take a step beyond the usual everyday routine. Even in south Dakota and Utah! I had to ask myself, if he asked me to shed my cloths and be photographed what would I say?

To me it really depends on how I feel about the situation. Naked or nude? On one hand the word ‘naked’ makes me feel defenseless. On the other hand being nude has a more friendly sound. So if I could be assured of safety, then yes I would do it.

Would you?



2 thoughts on “Naked or nude

  1. planetross says:

    Nudity is overrated … in the movie theatres usually: it should be an “M” not an “R”.

    note: I’d get nude or naked for someone doing professional stuff like this. hee hee!

  2. planetross says:

    double note: I’m not sure what my good side is for that kind of photo though.

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