Random questions

I don’t usually try to solicit a response from my readers, but I have a few questions…

Can anyone give me a compelling reason to maintain my account on Facebook?

Tonight I stepped on a penny and it stuck to the bottom of my foot. When I turned my foot up to look, the tails was the side stuck to my foot. Question: heads up or heads down?

I read in the news yesterday that in California a person has to get fingerprinted to purchase bullets. I don’t get how this helps law enforcement. It sounds about as logical as requiring a fingerprint to buy gas to help with road rage. How can this possibly make a difference?

I also read that oil companies make between eight to nine percent profit margin. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. What is all the fuss about?

What happens to the wax when you burn a candle?

Many people complain that corporations don’t pay any taxes. So? What taxes they do pay are simply passed along to the consumer. I don’t see that as something to complain about. Again what’s the big deal? I don’t understand.

How come soap never gets dirty, but you have to wash towels?

Why are government agencies open during business hours? People who pay taxes are by in large, working during these hours. The DMV should be open weekends.

That’s all for now. I guess I am in a strange place right now….



3 thoughts on “Random questions

  1. Mitch says:

    Well as to the finger printing, that did not go thru. They tried to get that enacted the beginning of this year but it was shot down. Facebook, is simply so that old friends can still find you. I have had the same email address for the last 20 years so that I can be found, And that is one main reason for my being on Face Book. Alot of those years I payed for AOL, even tho I had DSL, just so people could find me. Maybe I am living in the past and you are correct. Shut down your Face Book account. New is always better than old. I have many times thought to get rid of the old email,since I have a number of other email accounts under my own web sites. Sometimes seems like all I do is think of the past. Well take care.

  2. Archvillain says:

    In order of appearance:

    1- No. I have yet to find a compelloing reason for the existence of Facebook.
    2- A better question would be, “why did the penny stick to your foot?” Don;t bother answering that, because I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know.
    3- It wouldn’t have made any difference whatsoever. It’s pure political theater. The actual intent is to intimidate and harass anyone who might own a firearm.
    4- Yet more political theater. In order to distract the fickle public from the real problems (politicians), our political oafishals are trying desperately to invent a new target for the public’s dissatisfaction.
    5- Most of the wax melts into puddles around the base. A small amount is atomized by the heat of the burning wick, which is why you can only recycle the candle a few times before it becomes very small.
    6- See answer #4, above.
    7- Soap does get dirty, but it’s a lot easier to clean by just rinsing it off. Towels tend to collect bits of dead skin and hair while you dry off, so they can get kinda funky in a short time.
    8- Because the government is a business. Businesses are open during business hours. I agree that some government agencies might provide better service with different hours/days of operation, but better service is not authorized when dealing with government employees. I oughta know.
    9- It’s called Earth. It is a very strange and silly place, mostly because of the smelly bipeds infesting it.

  3. planetross says:

    #1. I only opened one to put stupid Twitters on. For people not on this program, I’d say it is case-by-case- by head case.

    #2. It must be that “bad penny” because it came back to you.

    #3. Fingerprints may help C.S.I. agents when they check out crime scenes.

    #4. only 8-9% whoring their product and killing the earth! I’d pay 10% to keep it in the earth and drive an alternative powered vehicle … if that was an alternative. Fat Chance for a while to come I guess … but I can dream.

    #5. I think that wax goes into people’s ears.

    #6. The system is rigged. If corporations gave their products away for free … they could avoid this dilemma.

    #7. I have dirty soap … until I wash it with itself … or water: washing dirty water with soap doesn’t work though.

    #8. It’s in their contracts. I don’t know about the FBI or CIA though; possibly the Mafia isn’t unionized because they do stuff on the weekends I think.

    note: why do dentists give you a time to show up? … you always have to wait anyway. I’m not sure if waiting for pain is a good thing or a bad thing.

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