Family stories


Sunday (Mothers Day) started out nice and quiet.  After some yard work and general cleaning we had the boys over for a BBQ in the back yard.  The weather was perfect, the food was great, and we really had a nice time.  We chatted about what was going in our son’s lives, school, friends etc.  Then the conversation turned to family.  It became kind of a competition over which side of our family had more interesting (kooky) relatives.  I won by a large margin.  It’s fun to have kids that are old enough to be able to relate all the kooky relative stories.  We held off these kinds of discussions when they were little.  Partly because we felt it wasn’t appropriate, and partly because adult behavior is for adults, now that they are both adults these conversations somehow seem appropriate.  Oh and a lot of fun. 


As the afternoon progressed it became too sunny and hot to lounge around the back yard so the family moved into the living room.  That’s when we noticed a police car in front of our house. 


This is not really surprising.  Every neighborhood has that one house whose occupants always seem to have trouble with the law.  We happen to be their neighbors.  About once a month a police car parks, like all cops park (any way they want), right in front of our house.  Then they spend a long time “chatting” with the neighbors.   From what I understand the cause of the visits are usually related to minor offenses like loose pets, abandoned cars, or parking like fools.  This time it looked different. 


It started with just one squad car parked in front of our house.  Then another showed up, then some kind of cop SUV showed up.  Each time the police officer would leave the engine running and disappear into the neighbor’s house.  It’s not a large house and there are already a dozen or so people living there, so it must be getting a bit crowded with all those cops inside.  This dragged on for a good half an hour.  It soon became a spectators sport, the other neighbors started pulling out lawn chairs and watching from their porches.  We were much more polite, we watched from out living room window.  The suspense was killing us.  What is going on in there?  Why is it taking so long? 


Then one of the police officers and a young woman came out of the house.  Finally we may have a clue as to what was happening inside.  She was in handcuffs and crying, and very pregnant.  Happy Mothers Day…  It was so strange that we couldn’t even speculate on what must have transpired to lead to this. 


However, I tend to look at the glass as half full.  Think of the stories.


I can just imagine the conversations that that family will have in the future with their adult kids.   “Ah, that was nothing.  Remember the time Aunt Edna was hauled off to jail when she was pregnant with Johnny?”  “Oh please, don’t tell that story again!”




One thought on “Family stories

  1. planetross says:

    Curiousity may have killed the cat, but it hasn’t left too many scratches on me.
    I’d like to think that I am discrete and above being a lookey-loo
    … but that’s as far as it goes with the “I’d like to think that” … because I’m a nosey parker.

    note: I hope your living room window is really big with a good view.

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