Internet immortality or lack of privacy?


As I become more mature (old) I find that I spend more time thinking about my legacy.   What will I leave behind when I finally kick the bucket?  Since it seems that the internet never forgets, I will be leaving behind billions of bytes of information. 


Some people feel this is an invasion of privacy, however, I have been known to see the glass half full, so I naturally see this as an opportunity.  This is really incredible if you think about it for a moment. In the past the only way for a person to leave behind a written record of their activities is to write things down, in a journal for instance.  However, there is only one copy.  Only a privileged and talented few actually publish multiple copies of written proof that they were here.  They are called published authors.  But with the internet, anyone with access to a computer can leave behind a legacy in megabytes.  And all these megabytes never seem to go away.  According to Google I have so far used 2007 Megabytes.  This blog probably uses at least that due to all the photos.  That is a lot of information.


I wonder if in the future it would be possible for someone to inherit all those bytes.  How would you like it if your heirs were given a flash drive containing everything you ever posted on the internet, emails, photos, everything?  Would it reflect well on your life, or would you look foolish and immature?  


I think this is a good thing to reflect upon before posting something on the internet.   

I think this is especially important to people on Facebook and Twitter to ponder.


What do you think?  Are you proud of your megabytes?





One thought on “Internet immortality or lack of privacy?

  1. planetross says:

    I think my blog stands as a record of what I think … or don’t think usually … or usually think regularly.

    I just like that a few nieces and nephews read my crap and think they have a weird uncle … or aunt … I’m not sure how that works.

    note: I will gladly leave what I’ve enscribed on the internet as a legacy … or an “armacy” … as I think about it for future generations, but not for future future generations … because by then my words will be like reading Shakepeare … and I wouldn’t submit anyone to that stuff.

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