While warming up for before the bullseye shoot on Friday night I noticed something that stuck in my mind. The targets we shoot are mounted to a heavy cardboard backing that is in turn mounted to a device that allows the shooter to move the target anywhere from a few feet away to a maximum of seventy five feet. Which is the range of of target league targets. The this heavy cardboard backing is has a photo of some sinister looking guy in a beard holding a gun pointing at the shooter.

While I was warming up (shooting the guy in the photo) I started to wonder who he is, or was. Who models for targets? Is it like a casting call for expendable bad guys in movies? Do modeling agencies have files for ugly sinister looking criminal types? I picture a nice family man who is looking to get into modeling. He submits his photo to an agent and waits for a call. Then he finally gets his big break, a target. Is he excited? Does he call up his mom and boast about his big break? I can just hear his agent, “Hey, of you do real good at target modeling, you may get into the big leagues, neighborhood watch posters, condom adds, maybe you will even meet McGruff the crime dog!”

There must be stock photos of many different types of rather unglamorous models. Maybe they use focus groups. Get a group of people to look at a series of photos of models, then have the group note which person looks like they have hemorrhoids, or conic constipation. How would you like to be constantly cast as a model for the guys that look up to that big smiling guy Bob? Something about your face that says “I have a small dick”.

I am grateful that I have no interest in modeling. I really do not want to know what product my face represents. I would probably end up with someone shooting me in the face, just for practice. Or worse…


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One thought on “Inglamerous

  1. planetross says:

    As I grow older, I think I’d make a good 2nd grade bad guy in a spaghetti western. Maybe I’d be killed during the credits, but I’d get better with age … and be the last guy killed eventually: like Lee Van Cleef or some guy like Lee Van Cleef.

    note: maybe I should change my middle name to “Van”, “Klict”, or “Skagmire”.

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