Curious mood

I found myself in a curious mood yesterday, glad I am not a cat.  I found many things to be curious and strange.  Maybe it is because of my recent reading materials.  Books by Scott Adams should come with a warning label.


I took my lovely wife to this horrible place.  It was a store that is dedicated to selling makeup, and only makeup.  I find this amazing.  Can you imagine a store that only sells only male bathroom products?  It would be smaller than a closet.  Of course it wasn’t a horrible place to her, but I can’t spend anymore than a few minutes inside.  My nose starts to hurt and my eyes start to water.  I am glad that I don’t have any daughters.  They would probably love this place.


Anyway while we were there I noticed that the sales clerk behind the counter had a lot of tattoos oh her chest.  No I wasn’t staring at her chest, but it did grab my attention.  For one thing she was rather large, as in about three hundred pounds.  Another thing, at first I thought that they were not tattoos but maybe some colorful decorations on the top of her blouse.  Anyway, it got me to thinking…  I understand that when a person is thin and then gains a lot of weight their skin stretches.  And of course the reverse is true.  What does this to do tattoos? 


I imagined a drawing on a balloon.  The drawing may look clear and exact on a deflated balloon, but when inflated it would look all distorted and poorly drawn.  Another example is how a low resolution photograph looks good as a thumbnail, but looks all pixilated when viewed full screen.  


So if a fat person got a tattoo would the resolution and detail increase if they lost a lot of weight?  If so, maybe this would be a good tool for people who are serious about getting a really detailed tattoo.  Gain a lot of weight, get tattooed, and then loose all the weight and viola high-def skin art.   


I have always been curious about why people get tattoos.  I personally prefer scars, not branding, but real earned scars from adventures or accidents.  They tell a much better story and remind a person of stupid or heroic deeds. 


The problem I see with tattoos is that it would require time travel to pick one that I would enjoy my entire life.  My tastes in art and symbols have changed so many times I would have to send some ideas back through time.  However, I wouldn’t waste that power on tattoo ideas. I would much rather use it to warn myself about other things that turned out to be much more important later in life.  It probably wouldn’t mater; I would have ignored me back then anyway.  Most of my problems were from not listening to old people, can’t solve that by more of the same.  



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One thought on “Curious mood

  1. planetross says:

    I thought about getting a tattoo for a period in my 20’s, but I couldn’t decide on the design and where to put it. I guess indecision sometimes becomes decisive at some point.

    One of my brothers has a tattoo, but I’m sure it reminds him of what an idiot he was when he was younger.

    I don’t need a tattoo to remind me of that: my memory is quite good. hee hee!

    note: I have nothing against tattoos. I just know that my brother has long forgotten about the Norton motorcycle he used to have … except for his arm.

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