Flash drive find: God’s Debris.

I have about a dozen little flash drives, and I don’t know what is on all of them.  Some are little thumb drives with only 128 k; others have massive amounts of storage.  I have some regular SD cards for cameras and other micro drives for phones.  Some are for work; some are for home, and some I have just because.  I find that every once in a while I forget what I put on these drives and discover little gems of information by accident.  I was looking around one of my thumb drives and found a little gem of a document that I completely forgot that I had.  It is a little book written by Scott Adams called God’s Debris.  


I checked Google and found that it is still available for free.  Here is the link.  I also found that online stores are willing to sell the hardware version.  This is called a book.  I find this amusing for some reason. 


The entire story is a conversation between two men.  A delivery man who is completely intent upon understanding everything and Mr. Avatar who seems intent upon asking questions that can’t be answered.  Until it gets all logical, that’s when the conversation gets a bit twisted.   This is a lovely conversation between two men that is completely foreign to most people.  Generally most people avoid big conversations about subjects that may be uncomfortable, like religion, politics, and sex.  Well religion anyway.  These are generally uncomfortable subjects that no one really likes to talk about, and usually regrets later on.  I guess that is one of the things I like the most about this story, no regrets.     


The story is just chocked full of great little quotes that come in handy during conversations.  


When talking about reality:

“Every generation of humans believed it had all the

answers it needed, except for a few mysteries they assumed

would be solved at any moment. And they all believed their

ancestors were simplistic and deluded. What are the odds

that you are the first generation of humans who will understand



About different religions:

“What’s your belief, Mr. Avatar?”

The old man rocked a few times before responding.

“Let’s say that you and I decide to travel separately to the same place. You have a map that is blue and I have a map that is green. Neither map shows all the possible routes, but both maps show an acceptable—yet different—route to the destination.  If we both take our trips and return safely, we would spread the word of our successful maps to others. I would say, with complete conviction, that my green map was perfect, and I might warn people to avoid any other sort of map. You would feel the same conviction about your blue map.  Religions are like different maps whose routes all lead to the collective good of society.”


Simple Truths:

“If you want to understand UFOs, reincarnation, and God, do not study UFOs, reincarnation, and God. Study people.”


On the difference between men and women:


“Women believe that men are, in a sense, defective versions of women,” he began. “Men believe that women are defective versions of men. Both genders are trapped in a delusion that their personal viewpoints are universal. That viewpoint—that each gender is a defective version of the other—is the root of all misunderstandings.”


I almost feel guilty that I enjoyed reading this so much, but I also feel quite fortunate in finding this little gem sitting in my flash drive.  It’s like finding change under the cushions, well more like finding a twenty dollar bill.

 Have you ever found an unexpected gem on your thumb drive?


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One thought on “Flash drive find: God’s Debris.

  1. planetross says:

    Thanks for posting the link to this gem. It’s a classic.

    I can’t believe it’s the Dilbert guy who wrote this.

    note: actually I can believe the Dilbert guy wrote this … unlike that margerine that’s supposed to taste like butter.

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