Work Spam

$750 og en times gratis spil lyder godt i mine ører!! Spil på Ruby Royale for at få dette utrolige tilbud.

I rarely get spammed on my work e-mail address.  However that just makes the ones I do get more interesting. 

I guess it is another perk of working for an international company.   In this case it is Danish spam, which isn’t real surprising since I work for a company based out of Denmark.


I actually went to the trouble of going to Google translate to find out what it was.

$ 750 and one hour free play sounds good to my ears! Play at Ruby Royale to get this incredible offer.

And no, it doesn’t sound good enough to my ears, so I deleted it.  Still it is kind of fun every once in a while to get unwanted e-mail.  As long as it is infrequent and unusual.  

 Oh, and the Danish word for Spam is spam.


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One thought on “Work Spam

  1. S. Le says:

    Is Danish spam more delicious than American spam?

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