Bulls Eye

My buddy Elvis talked me into joining a Bulls-eye league at a local gun club. The idea is to consistently hit an extremely small target at a ridiculously long distance. It’s intimidating and difficult but not impossible. I am a relatively good shot and can hold my own against tin cans and the odd garden gnome. That said, keeping score in a controlled environment is entirely different. It is a lot like one of my favorite indoor sports, darts. When I lived in England I played a lot of darts. I soon found that there is a big difference between being able to hit the number your aiming for and being able to consistently hit a double or triple in that number. Same with Bull’s-eye shooting, sure you’re only shooting a .22 pistol, but you can only use one hand and the target is the size of a lap top computer at 75 feet. The idea is not to just hit the target, but consistently hit the silver dollar size black dot in the center, hence the bulls-eye.

My .22

My shots were basically sprayed randomly all over the laptop size target. Which I took as a good thing, at least I wasn’t missing the whole target or grouping in one or another corner. In the dartboard analogy, at least I am not sticking my darts into the wall around the board. Now all I have to do is learn control and keep my front sight from wiggling all over the place. Oh and that was another distraction. My front sight was loose. I didn’t notice it until nearly the end of the shooting session. I went to ACE yesterday and bought a tube of LocTite. This should do the trick. I am sure this will have an effect on my score, hopefully a positive one!


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One thought on “Bulls Eye

  1. planetross says:

    I joined a “Bulls-eye league” once, but it didn’t have anything to do with guns: it was a curling league.

    The skill level of topnotch curlers and marksmen are pretty phenomenal.

    Have fun!

    note: I bet a lot of outdoor curling clubs were bombed in WW2.

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