Finally an update

Sorry about the delay in posting.  Nothing is wrong, been living life and working hard. I think that people who frequently up date their blogs either have good time management skills or have nothing better to do.  In this case it I figure it’s about 60% due to having better things to do.  Priorities you know. 


So here are some random thoughts which leaked out of my brain while typing this out. 


We are entering one of my favorite times of the year.  Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.  They are transitional times where just about anything can happen, full of adventure and wacky weather.  Winter is nearly over; it’s time to get to work on the back yard.  This weekend I think I will fill the pond and evict our fish Eric out of the aquarium in the front room.  It’s time to move out of their winter resort and move back into their rightful home.  What is your favorite season?


Last weekend we moved waterbeds around.  Here are a few helpful tips for anyone contemplating moving a fiber filled wave less waterbed mattress.  

  1. Buy a wet dry shop vacuum to suck out the last bit of water before moving the heavy-ass mattress.  What a god send.
  2. Use the shop-vac to blow up a dry mattress before positioning it.  This alone was worth the price of the shop vac.
  3. Get extra screws. 
  4. Do not under any circumstances try to sleep in a cold waterbed.  It takes 24 hours minimum to warm up.  Use a cat as a gauge; they will only sleep on the bed when the temp is warm enough.
  5. Don’t be shocked at what you find between the bed and the liner.

I love sleeping on waterbeds, just not moving them around.


 What is the use of horse shoe shaped toilet seats?  What problems were the inventers trying to solve?  I just don’t understand.

Yea, I tend to obsess about things like this.


I will try to post more often.  Well, as soon as I discipline myself to write more, or if I have enough free time….



3 thoughts on “Finally an update

  1. blackwatertown says:

    The secret to regular blog posting? Having something more important that you should be doing – and not having beer immediately to hand instead.

    Horseshoe shaped toilet seats – good question. Presume it was to save money on the production and distribution processes – less plastic, packing space, weight etc.

  2. planetross says:

    Good to see you back on the time management program … or nothing better to do. hee hee! ( I have nothing better to do, but that’s between me and you)

  3. S. Le says:

    Favourite season? Autumn, and strangely, Winter.

    We used to have one of those soft sided water beds. We loved it! They are a pain in the arse to move. We did it once. Now we have a pillow-top regular mattress. I like it better.

    Yeah! What’s up with those loo seats? Weird.

    Glad you are back to blogging. Good luck writing more. It hasn’t worked for me.

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